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Här är min skiva Movieheaven. Det är bara att klicka på play för att höra på låten du vill lyssna på. Hoppas du gillar dem! Det är jag som står för sång och musik och jag har även skrivit alla texter utom två. "War is over" har min bror Gustav Karlsson skrivit och han har varit med och skrivit texten till "Desperate street". Se texter nedanför.


/Patrick Karlsson

“The dystropian song”

Hey you, welcome to hell
I was your enemy, you were my friend
Come sit where angels are, so where dead, oh noo
Hey you, desperate as hell, where we all live today
Devious smiles
You were my angel now, the angel of cries, oh noo
Here the city parish them who have a life that they have taken
Where the ones that are forsaken, take a life and gain another

We are all the same and where all so gone
Where the city cries from forsaken lies
Come with me and the harvest is all
The tears in their eyes, and all their sorrow
Sit with me and we share all the pain, the pain in their lives
The pain in their lives
And oooo …

Hey you, Where do you stay
Where is the freedom, who can we blame
Come harvest all the pain, wisdom is hell, oh noo
All creation, all the freedom, have a price that wisdom gives us
Life a prison, here’s the key, Give your life for the ones you have taken
We are all the same … (Text Patrick Karlsson)


Casualties in the flame
A righteous game
Heavenly sent are you
Oh what a saint
Seek and destroy
Seek and destroy

Cannonballs, silverflames
A righteous aim
You seek to harm the lame
Oh what a game
Need balls and chains
Need balls to aim
You seek to lead the world
A brother’s aim
You seek to lead the world
Oh what a game
Sadness and chains
Sadness and chains

Man what a silhouette
A hole can give
Papers give all the blame
Oh what a game
Points out the weak
Seek out and blame
Man what a joke it was
This righteous game
Steel cannot alter steel
Oh what a shame
Losing your game
Losing your game

Hero you thought you were
But you were not
Sadness and hate you spread
Sadness and hate
Oh what a shame
You were to blame
(Piano) (Text Patrick Karlsson)

“Desperate Street”
Walking on desperate street
Clinging on to what I see
Lonely, that’s what I am (noo)
Wearing out my desperate heart
Trying to be just like you
Sadness, that’s what I feel (noo)

Waiting on all these people
While I’m walking on desperate lane
Trying my best to be human
While I’m only a ghost to you

Looking up from where I stand
Freezing in summer
I can’t be with you
Can’t you see why I’m here
Oh, give me reason
Reason to be sane, ooo, lonely

Walking through desperate street
That’s where I grew up some day
Standing, way too deep (noo)

Take me somewhere else now
Crying for you when night falls
Desperate sounds from your heartbeat
Holds me up when you’re falling down
How do you sleep at night
When we are falling, falling from the sky
Jet a dor, jet ami, explains how I’m feeling
How do you feel tonight, ooo, wait for me (Text Patrick Karlsson och Gustav Karlsson)

Pass it forward into the night
Wintermission and silent lights
Oh mindless passion sounds
Just like a hurricane

I give you freedom, I give you space
Take the chance just don’t fade away
You just have to free your mind
From all repression

Hide away, just don’t hide away
There’s a world you can not se
When you always run away

The sun arise into the night
So catch the sunlight, feel free to fly
Wintermission passion sounds
Just like a hurricane

Hide away, just don’t hide away
There’s a world you can not se
When you always run away

Goldenlight gives us hope insight
Just pass it forward through the night
Just give it all away, now (Text Patrick Karlsson)

“Staring at the ceiling”

Here I go again staring at the ceiling
There’s a window there where all is clear
Come help me hear my calling
I need your help today
I am rooted, can not fly
I need your help today

I was calling out in desperation
And in the clouds I thought I saw you face
Long gone, feeling helpless, freedom is in the sky
Open the window and let me fly
I need your help tonight

(Piano vers) Open the window and let me fly, I need your help tonight
Open the window and let me fly, I need your help tonight (Text Patrick Karlsson)

The longer you’ll wait, the longer you’ll see
Canvas hero, silent star
We will always be insane
Movie screens, the stars and heaven

Dream away you silent star
Movie screens all night long
Silent room, silent heart
Heaven can wait, heaven you’ll see

Casualties and lies, are all the same to me
When I dream away
Oh stars of heaven will appear on the screen tonight

Listen you slave from paradise
Run away all night long
Movie screens, the silent star
Run away, from it all

Dead asleep and zombielike
The silent screams from flashing light
Let’s escape reality
Run away, run, run, run
Candle warm embrace, the screen is on tonight
Sadness disappear, oh movie heaven gives us all the light tonight

Sadness pain and suicide, insanity escapes our mind
We will always be asleep, in the world that you all se

We don’t have to be afraid, as long as the movie screen is on
We don’t have to feel insane, we are just like all the rest

The movies on tonight, Candle softened light
We feel all the love
From million dreams that feeds from friendship, pain and love

Piano (intro) The movies on … (Text Patrick Karlsson)

“Piece and love”
I could not be in love with you, you were so far from home
Give me some piece, honey
You’re all right, o so right
How can you say that I’m good
When I’m so bad for you
Oh, give me some piece now honey
Oh give me some love
Oh, when I’m gone baby
You have to be strong, yeah
There’s a meadow where we all can live in harmony
Please, please be strong for me, I want the best for you
There was a lady and she’s gone
A long way from home

You have the future in your hands, try to feel faith in that
Space gives you light honey
See yourself, through that light
How can I reason with the truth
You are too good for me
I want you to feel now honey, through thunder and snow
Have faith in yourself now baby, and flowers will grow, soon
I will always love you, you just have to free your mind
Please, please be strong for me
I want the best for you
So trust the flowers, tryst your life
Full of your heart’s desire (Text Patrick Karlsson)

“War is over”
Well the war is over
Glory or blood please come to an end
Hope never dies
Houses are blown to pieces my friend ohhh
Tell me again, why is It we verses them (It must end)

Emelie is throwing herself on the ground
The bullet misses her and reaches her child
Hope never dies
Roses are growing red in the yard ohhh
Tell me again, why is it you killing them (it must end)

The moral compass has broken as well ohhh
Tell me again, how does it feel to be them (it will not end)

Long time has gone and all that is left
Graves, white numbers, but where are the rest
Please never die
Brothers and sisters stand up and fight, Ohhh
We are as one, it will not end, no it will not … (It will not end) (Text Gustav Karlsson)

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