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The Irish (2015)


Här är några nya låtar som jag gjort. Denna skiva har jag valt att kalla "The Irish" och är gjord vintern 2015. Det är jag som skrivit musiken, mixat låtarna, skrivit texterna och som sjunger. Texter till låtarna står nedanför.

/Patrick Karlsson

1. ”Frozen dreams”

Vers 1: (Förs inledning sju takter)
(Hm) I hide myself from (E) all the trouble
(Gbm) IHave too many (D) secrets
(Hm) Frozen dreams (E) inside me
(Db) Locked away in (Gbm) golden haze (Db7)

Ref 1:
(G) I need to (C) liberate my (Dsus) self (D) (yes I do) (D/C)
(Hb) And give the (Eb) world my love, my
(Dsus) Inner glowing secret (D) heart

Vers 2:
I’m shy and lonely, mostly sad
Pretend I’m someone else
All the dreams inside me
Frozen in a secret light

Ref 2:
I want to show the world my truth (yes I do)
With open inner glowing
Love I give the world to you

Vers 3: (Instrumental)

Ref 3:
I need to liberate the world (yes I do)
And share with all that we are lovers of the universe
(Avslutning samma sju takter som inledningen)

2. "High and low"
Vers 1:
(C) There’s a man in suit that costs (Em) 200 bucks at least
(F) Picks up a coin from the (G) street
(F) While his (G) pants cracks wide (Am) (G) open
(F) Bird dropping hits his (G) head
(C) High and (Em) low
(F) That’s how we (G) feels sometime
(C) High and (Em) low
(F) It’s the same for (G) me and you
(Am) And when the (F) saddest part of you (G) just want to cry
(Am) Just think of (F) all the silly (G) things
(Am) People (F) do to be (G) holy
(Am) Just think of (F) me and (G) you (ooo)
Vers 2:
There goes a holy man, needs money for his booze
He sees the coin on the street
Throws his hat just to hide it
With the wind it sails away
Ref: (samma)
Vers: (instrumental)
Ref: (samma, fast inte hela refrängen)

3. "Outside, there’s your freedom"
Verse 1:
(G) Half of them (D) singing and (Em) half of them (Hm) cry
When (C) smoke hits their (G) eyes from the (Dsus) (D) chimneys
(C) Sons of the (G) future and (C) sons of the (G) past
(Hm) Working their (C) ass of while the (Hm) big boss, he (C) smiles
(C) His face is neon bright from the (Dsus) (D) logo (Dsus) (D)
Verse 2:
I was like you, he says, you can be me
Future can shine, here’s a dollar
Half of them applaud it and half of them’s not
But all of them is working from midnight to dawn
Neon light is bright, there’s no heaven
(C) Outside there is (D) sunlight and (Hm) trees
(C) Birds playing, the (G) nature is (D) free
(Hm) Oh the (Em) (D) parody of (G) life
And (Em) there’s ((Am)) no (Dsus) (D) logos (Dsus) (D)
Verse 3:
Be not afraid, no, you can do no wrong
Just walk outside, there’s your freedom
It’s just a farce, a charade if you like
The boss is like you, we are all humans to
And neon light´s a human invention
Ref: (samma som ref 1)
Vers: (Instrumental)
Ref: (Samma som refräng 1)

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